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    My husband and I loved working with Paul Dorado and the John Sommer Team. They went above and beyond for us. They were very understanding to our needs and worked very hard for us. In the middle of us trying to buy a house my husband lost his job and we had to pull out. Paul Dorado and his team were so nice and understanding even though they did so much work for us. We hope to try and buy again and when we do we will definitely be contacting Paul and his team. mklaureto
    John is very honest, responsive, and knowledgeable. We have appreciated him helping us with looking at homes and now in selling our home. John has given great suggestions on how to update our home as well as references for those who can help us in the process. KimR
    John worked with me and my wife and showed us an extensive number of homes within our price range with what we were looking for in a house. He is very well versed in what is available, and has an uncanny ability to know what houses will be under contract quickly versus others. I would highly recommend John to any couple looking to buy or rent their next home. broncoman6
    We met John at an open house. He was very friendly, professional, and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He was also very accommodating any time we wanted to view a house. Heather06
    John brought a lot of positive energy to the sale of our house. We ended up getting almost 10% more than we originally thought! John was able to meet our needs on looking for a new home and picked up on our likes and dislikes right away. John was definitely an asset in our sale and purchase and would use him again if we ever buy another home in the area! user12900829
    John was great in finding us exactly what we were looking for - I think we only looked at 3 properties before he found us our perfect place! We purchased a short sale which can be overwhelming and confusing, but John made the whole process easy and understandable. We were so thankful for his experience with these different kind of sales, and appreciated his expertise in dealing with the banks and all others involved. Highly recommend him!! user79567831
    John was wonderful! I told him exactly what I was looking for and he found me a near close to perfect match almost immediately. Being a first time buyer I was very timid and had tons of questions. John stayed by my side the entire process and informed me what was going on step by step. If your in his area I would recommend John Sommer. jwhitley75
    I had the pleasure of not only selling my house but buying a new one with John's help. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. If there was something I couldn't do and John could he would with out hesitation. He's extremely knowledgeable, handy, and always available when you need him. If and when I do buy/sell in the future I will definitely be using John again! lalas429
    We are very impressed with John Sommer. He went above and beyond in every respect, walking us through the loan process, helping us navigate negotiations, and giving us peace of mind as we closed. He was able to meet in off hours and responded to calls and emails promptly. He was even able to advocate for us when the warranty company didn't fulfill their end of the bargain. oddiophile
    John (and one of his associates) were instrumental in selling a house for me at a price I hardly thought possible. Subsequently, he negotiated the purchase of another house at an extremely attractive price. battaile1
    John Sommer was a great realtor for us both when we sold our home and when we bought another. My husband and I felt completely comfortable taking his advice on how to price our home and how to negotiate once we received and offer. Without his help we would have been making decisions in the dark (we don't have much experience negotiating or buying & selling real estate). We had bought our first house in 2008 and so we were not sure that we'd be able to sell it for enough to payoff the balance of our mortgage. With his advice and help, we were able to do it! Then, when we were ready to buy another house, he was great about showing us a variety of properties to help us figure out exactly what we were looking for. Then, when we found the house we wanted, he again helped tremendously with deciding how much to offer and how to negotiate from there. We are very happy with the house we got! It has everything we were looking for, and we feel we got it for a good price! user6372374
    He went above and beyond for us- helping shovel the driveway, checking on our house, etc., on a short sale. And since he has rental properties, he was able to give us remodeling advice to increase resale value. sibbybach
    John was always there to answer our questions and help us through the entire process. His knowledge of the market helped us price the home competitively and it sold in one day. The closing went off without a single hitch. It was a 5 star performance. This is the second time I have used Mr. Sommer and I would recommend him to anyone without a single reservation. If I sell another home I will use John. Dennis Dennis
    I highly recommend John Sommer. I have used him several times to sell and to buy homes. He has always been honest with me and was available whenever I had questions. I would still use him and I will always recommend him to other people. bfillmore
    Working with John Sommer made selling our home a smooth, stress-free process. He is trustworthy and was able to handle any situations that arose through the process, which was wonderful for us us as we are not well-versed in the legal or practical aspects of real estate sales. herbrowneyes
    John has sold us three houses so far. Each experience was great! He is very friendly and easy to work with. We can't say enough good things about John. He truly has his clients' best interest at heart. We would definitely hire him for our fourth house...if that ever happens. thekohlmeyers
    A+++ Superior service, responsiveness and support. Looking out for our best interest was at the top of his list and was very flexible in such a difficult market. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top-notch agent. kirk963
    I have bought and sold several homes with John Sommer. I always have felt like he has an excellent pulse on the real estate market in our area. He is always quick to respond back to me with any questions I have. John is also very patient and I really have always felt like he was more interested in me getting the right house than in getting another transaction done. When we purchased our last home the sellers were very difficult to deal with but John had a good way of keeping the process on track with his follow up with us and the other agent. I ahve confidence that John is a man of the highest ethics and is truly an advocate for his clients putting their interests above his own. user10759677
    The Sommer Team is experienced, professional, resourceful, helpful, and reliable to say the least regarding our experience. We have gone through the buying and selling of six homes now, and we were satisfied throughout the whole process of selling one house and then to buy another with Keller Williams Realty. My husband and I knew in order to sell our home, we would need some ideas as to what to do to create curb and house appeal. When we chose the Sommer Team, we did not know the full extent of benefits for which we would need them for, at the time. Such as, while John was efficient getting us listed, and pricing us attractively in the market, Tom helped us with what improvements to consider on our house. We were already into the ‘good time’ for selling months, so getting the painting, and other changes done had to be done very quickly. Tom took all the footwork on himself that we normally would have had to do. He knew of various skilled tradesmen and made the calls, and did everything to get the work done, pronto! Truly, most of our stress melted away! Upon an inspection for a possible buyer, there was a list of things to fix. It would have taken us a lot of hassle and longer length of time to complete the things by ourselves. One thing on the inspection list was to get someone to complete the electrical demands, but, because it was a holiday, a contractor was becoming hard to find. But Tom made it happen. He kept trying to find someone, and finally made a call to an electrician, up from Tennessee and in our area, willing and able to do the work on the 4th of July. We would never have been able to get all those things done in such quick fashion and skill as Tom did. This quality team made it possible to sell our home quickly, and it did! We also were very happy with Trish who helped us in finding a home. We were especially glad that she was picky and showed only the homes that fit our desired description. She was never pushy, and always got back to us quickly with answers and help as we needed. An additional big plus benefit with the Sommer team, was the Keller Williams Realty truck. It came in handy several times for moving our items to storage and then to our new home. We even used it again, to transport our refrigerator and freezer, to be used by a family member, until we needed it again. With all the expert knowledge in an upside-down and uncertain housing market The Sommer Team was a very necessary help, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. user2574333
    John was instrumental in the selling of our house quickly and at a good price in the current market. He understood the market and took the time to learn our needs, and then he advised us well. We couldn't have done it without him, and would definitely recommend him to others. user5839127
    John did an excellent job listing our home and suggesting ideas that would help attract buyers. John was always responsive to our requests and very knowledgeable about the market we were in. Our home sold in about 8 months and we were very happy with the price we received. I can recommend John without reservation and we are planning to use him again for another home sale in the near future. user4715631
    John was outstanding in follow up with all of the needed details. John ept us in the loop at all times and was willing to go the extra mile. We were working with a bank owned property, so the needed leg work was much greater than a "normal" transaction. user7576481
    I have known John for over 20 years. He is a straight shooter, very honest and committed. He guided us through the buying process when we bought our home and has continued to be engaged years after the sale. John is not pushy, but very free with his deep knowledge of the business when asked. I recently recommended John to my sister-in-law and she is using him to sell her house. user1656709
    Don't realize how fortunate you are until its gone. John has provided location, listing and sales services for me on three properties over the past four years. Buying and selling real estate can be inconsistent and stressful. I have recently moved to North Dakota and began the process of purchasing property there. This has been the first time I have worked with someone other than John. That experience has cemented in my mind that John Sommers must be the poster child for all realtors. He is the polar opposite of the person(s) I worked with. His energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, insight, creativity, and a whatever it takes attitude are the best in the industry. Who ever is fortunate enough to garner his services will not be disappointed. user69164084
    We found him to be helpful, knowledgable, and easy to work with. We worked with him to sell our house and when looking for a new home. He is very professional. His office has a free moving truck, that we were able to use for our local move-so we didn't need to rent a moving truck. When we listed our house, it was a short sale, and he was very helpful in getting me in contact with experts on short sales so I knew exactly what I needed to do to get things moving with the bank. user0051147
    John was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the selling process and negotiated a very good deal for us. He knew the local market very well, priced it exactly right, and negotiated a selling price that was close to our asking price. He even sold our washer and dryer to the buyers! We didn't feel like we were just another client of John's, we felt like we received personalized service and attention. We would highly recommend John to anyone wanting to sell their home. user1403399
    John was instrumental in helping us sell our home - the same day we listed it. We're grateful for the excellent service. We have referred friends to him and he has performed the same way every time. John is an excellent agent. user46187120